“Beyond AVL: Automated Location Based Resource Monitoring and Managment”

Mon, 09/08/2014 - 9:06pm -- Anonymous (not verified)

Most GIS people are familiar with the term AVL or Automated Vehicle Locator. This is a somewhat dated term from way back in the 90’s  similar to other dated terms…..AMS (automated mapping system) or CMMS (Computer Maintenance Management System). We see these terms still used today but with far less frequency. AVL has somehow managed to hang on.
Historically the AVL systems were custom built solutions that included a installing a GPS system on a vehicle and then feeding back the location of the vehicle back to an in-house (on premise) mapping or GIS system. The technology was generally speaking cumbersome and costly. Big organizations like Sears, UPS and FedEx were some of the main users of this “AVL” technology.
Today AVL has evolved into an “Automated Resource Monitoring” technology which provides not just vehicle locations but a host of other location based data (100’s of pieces of data….almost unlimited) that can be used to manage your organizations mobile assets and resources. This new generation technology is now low cost and easy to deploy (truly plug & play). The location based data captured is truly “enterprise” as it can support the management of any and all of your organizations mobile assets and resources. As the citizenry continues push for more government accountability, this ARM technology is an easy, low cost, reliable answer to those meet those requests as well as regulatory reporting, capital planning and operations management.
Join us as we review this next generation technology and demonstrate how an automated location based resource monitoring and management system can support local and state government operations as well as provide real time and historical data to support your existing business systems such as CIS, EAM & GIS.

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Elizabeth Marshall
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Emerging Technologies

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