5 Observations Administering ArcGIS Online for Organizations

Mon, 09/08/2014 - 4:09pm -- Anonymous (not verified)

In August 2012 the Washington State Department of Transportation launched the WSDOT Online Map Center – our instance of ArcGIS Online for Organizations. We have witnessed substantial changes to the ArcGIS Online platform along with consistent membership growth and usage in the WSDOT Online Map Center. The WSDOT Online Map Center now has over 100 members. We have taken a hybrid approach to data storage in the WSDOT Online Map Center: approximately 80% of services are on a WSDOT ArcGIS Server and 20% are feature services hosted in ArcGIS Online.

Because of the browser-based, rapidly evolving nature of ArcGIS Online, the WSDOT Online Map Center requires a different management strategy than those used to manage ArcGIS Desktop environments. This talk will highlight 5 things to consider when administering an Organization within ArcGIS Online based on our experiences implementing the WSDOT Online Map Center.

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Heath Brackett
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