Cartography and composition of interactive Maps

Tue, 08/05/2014 - 2:46pm -- Anonymous (not verified)

Web mapping and associated technologies have been evolving rapidly over the last two decades and especially quickly over the last several years. With the advent of free and commercial services map services and APIs such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, MapQuest, and Open Street map it became easy for an entire generation of web map designers and developers to quickly spin out web maps, mash-ups and spatially enabled apps for use on a growing number of digital output devices. While the technology to create ever growing numbers of applications and interactive maps has been mastered by this community, there has been a lack of comprehensive resources and research that cover aspects of cartography and composition of maps that are specific to the respective output devices, especially the differences compared to traditional cartographic media (paper maps). Several freshly published articles and books are targeting to close this gap and building on these new resources the talk will focus on summarizing general principles and considerations of interactive map cartography and composition related to interactive media. Composition in this context refers not only to the graphical design, layout and map element placement (e.g. legends, scale bar, map tools) of the map, but also includes the considerations regarding choice of map elements and their functionality on the interactive map. Differences in map design and cartography as they apply to traditional (static and paper maps) and interactive maps will be discussed without going into detail about specific software to be used in their technical implementation. In order to create useful interactive maps it is essential to design the map, its cartography, map element composition & functionality, and layout in a way that clearly communicates the purpose of the map to the expected user audience.

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Karsten Vennemann
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