Developing Reports for a Web Application using Python and Microsoft Reporting Services

Wed, 09/03/2014 - 7:59am -- Christina Heimburg

The Spills Program with WA Dept. of Ecology has an ArcSDE SQL geodatabase to store Spill Response Plan information for the State of Washington. Their team needs a way to produce on-the-fly reports with the most current information.  This presentation will describe the process of developing an online report that utilizes a custom geoprocessing service and SQL Server Reporting Services.  It will also explain some hurdles and possible solutions to integrating multiple technologies to give the user a simple interface and clean consistent reports.  Topics covered will included ArcGIS API for Javascript, dgrid, arcpy.mapping, SQL Table Views querying relational databases with subtypes and domains, Microsoft Reporting Services, and SSRS Report Viewer object.

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Christina Heimburg
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