Forest Service Web Maps: Design, Use, and Evaluation

Tue, 08/19/2014 - 10:21am -- Anonymous (not verified)

Web maps are a wonderful way to share GIS data and products with people outside your organization. In the Forest Service, there is often a need to share information with other land management agencies that manage lands adjacent to Forest Service lands. In this paper I present a situation where web maps allowed effective sharing of GIS data between different federal agencies.

The Northwest Forest Plan, which covers all federal lands within the range of the Northern Spotted Owl, was implemented in 1994. This year is the 20-year report on the effectiveness of the plan. One of the environmental factors that is monitored is the watershed condition. The group tasked with conducting this watershed analysis is within the Forest Service, but they have a need to share the results with people from the other federal agencies. In choosing the web map for the solution to their data sharing needs, I researched the design of web maps. I developed evaluation criteria for web maps that can be applied to creating web maps for other purposes.

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Lindsey Kiesz
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