Mobile GIS Helps Reduce Water Pollution from Roads at Multnomah County

Fri, 08/29/2014 - 12:24pm -- Anonymous (not verified)

Multnomah County, Oregon has implemented a mobile mapping system using iPads and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) technology to reduce water pollution originating from the roadway. The GIS system uses iPad-based maps to direct road crews along catch basin cleaning routes, while AVL transmits debris accumulation data to a cloud-based database. The data is analysed to optimize cleaning routes, ensuring that catch basins are cleaned before they overflow, as well as reducing the number of visits to empty catch basins. The new data-driven routes have resulted in a significant increase in efficiency, which has reduced cleaning time, fuel consumption, and the amount of pollutants discharged to streams and rivers.

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Kai Snyder and Roy Iwai
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Mobile GIS and GPS

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