Our session themes offer five lenses to illuminate and Bridge The Gap between where we are and where we want to be:

New Directions: Where we’re going
The more things change, the more they keep changing. GIS-related tools and technologies just arriving on scene and what’s on the horizon. Help find the sweet spot between old school and hype.

Projects & Studies: What we’re doing
Show your work. Case studies, analyses, tools, and other products that illustrate how we are putting technologies to work to answer critical questions - and lessons learned along the way.

Goals & Strategies: The why and how
Setting goals for the geospatial community, agencies, and programs. Policy development, management challenges, and strategies for success, such as nailing the value proposition, strategizing and prioritizing efforts, building momentum and partnerships.

Careers: Who we are
The geospatial workforce is changing. Resources, strategies, and tips for GIS Professionals and job-seekers to build their skills and find the right job. How to match talent to task in recruitments and contracting.

Design & Delivery: Style points!!
From cartography to software interfaces, how and why design - and medium - matters.


Download NWGIS 2016 Agenda At A Glance  [PDF]


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NWGIS is a non-profit organization that provides a forum for training, exchange of knowledge, techniques, and data among the users of ESRI software and related GIS products and services.