Let your employer know why you should attend NWGIS 2014!

Thu, 05/29/2014 - 1:42pm -- brent.thomas

Why should you attend this year's conference?  Use this letter template to explain to your employer:

The annual NWGIS User Conference is the premier conference in the Northwest, offering two days of high quality workshops and trainings and three days of conference sessions. No GIS event in the Pacific Northwest matches the dollar for dollar value of the annual NWGIS User Conference. NWGIS User Conference has attracted high quality instructors, speakers, and vendors who will deliver the knowledge and solutions we can use now. Attendees at the NWGIS User Conference include hundreds of analysts, managers, developers, technicians, and coordinators all working on the same sorts of issues we are. Attending the conference gives me the opportunity for ongoing education and insight gained by participating in the GIS professional community.

Attending this professional development conference will provide me with many opportunities to learn about current and new technologies, interact with my peers, and to earn continuing education development credits necessary to maintain my GIS Professional certification.

I expect to gain knowledge in <find a theme, a workshop idea, a sample session that you're interested in>. The understanding and insights gained from attending <fill workshop name(s) and a session if you can use it> will help me work more efficiently and make and help <your department/agency name> save time and money. I want to learn more about making my work as efficient as possible and to learn about new opportunities for incorporating new ideas into my tasks.

The NWGIS User Conference is a great place to meet other GIS professionals working throughout the Pacific Northwest region and to discuss regional issues, new developments in data creation and acquisition, and new applications for GIS skills.

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