Call for Presentations

Participate in the 33nd Annual Northwest GIS User Group Conference in Bremerton, Washington by sharing a poster, giving a presentation or showcasing an application. Presentations typically consist of a 20 – 25 min talk, but if you don’t want to give a full-length presentation, consider a 5 minute lightning talk instead. 


Do you have an application or poster that you want to share? The annual map (including story maps) and app contest is a great way to show off your work and to make contacts with attendees who have similar interests. The event will follow both a traditional format with participants displaying a map or poster in the gallery for attendees to view and also a new approach of allowing folks with web, mobile apps and story maps to show off their work.



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Northwest GIS User Group

NWGIS is a non-profit organization that provides a forum for training, exchange of knowledge, techniques, and data among the users of ESRI software and related GIS products and services.