Getting to the Conference

The 2018 NWGIS Conference will take place in Bremerton, WA at the Kitsap Conference Center. Located just steps away from the Seattle-Bremerton ferry terminal, Kitsap Conference Center at Bremerton Harborside offers the perfect collection of flexible spaces. The Kitsap Conference Center is centrally located and easy to get to - by ferry or car - and offers ample parking


By Ferry (from Seattle’s Colman Dock)

Some general notes on the Ferry options: The Kitsap Convention Center is located next to the dock for the ferries in Bremerton.  It is a quick walk from where the ferry drops you off to the conference center (approximately 3-5 minutes).

Daily travel times to and from the conference are the opposite of the normal busy times for the ferry.  Most people are using the ferry system to travel to downtown Seattle in the morning and back to Bremerton in the evening.  Therefore, it is relatively easy to use daily ferry transport during the times required to make it back and forth to the conference.  Although not required, please make reservations (if available) to insure you board the required vessel to make it to the conference on time.

It is recommended to be ready to board 20 minutes prior to departure, but as mentioned above, the ferries are busier going the opposite direction needed to attend the conference, so there is flexibility on arrival time.  However, the ferries do leave on time and will not wait on you!

There are 2 ferry options from Downtown Seattle:

Kitsap Transit Fast Ferry:

  • Transit/Crossing time is approximately 30 minutes
  • Must catch the 6:07am or 7:24am to make it to Bremerton by the conference start time (approx. 8:30am)
  • Passenger only (no vehicles)
  • Total Round trip cost of $12 ($10 to Bremerton; $2 for return to Seattle)
  • Per trip there are 118 seats, 12 bicycle racks and 4 mobility device tie-down locations
  • Reservations are available for first 88 passengers per sailing; 30 remaining seats are reserved for walk ups.
  • ORCA card is accepted
  • More info and additional ferry travel times:

Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) Ferry:

  • Transit/Crossing time is approximately 1 hour
  • Must catch the 6:00am or 7:35am to make it to Bremerton by the conference start time (approx. 8:30am)
  • Options for Passenger and/or Vehicle transport
  • Total Passenger round trip cost of $8.35 ($8.35 to Bremerton; No Charge for return to Seattle)
  • Total Vehicle (and driver) round trip cost of $37.40 ($18.70 each way); $29.40 if car < 14’ in length)
  • Bicycle surcharge of $1, however charge is waived if using multi-ride or ORCA card            
  • Full Food and Snack Options during transit
  • ORCA card is accepted
  • More info and additional ferry travel times:

By Car

  • From Downtown Seattle: Ferry is the most direct route from downtown Seattle (see ferry details below).  The driving option would include travelling south on Interstate 5 to Tacoma, and then getting on SH 16 north to Bremerton (1.5 hrs).
  • Those travelling from south of the Seattle-Tacoma metro area: The best option is to drive directly to Bremerton via SH 16 from Tacoma.
  • For those travelling from the East and North of the Seattle-Tacoma metro area: The options include driving to Colman Dock and taking the WSDOT ferry from downtown Seattle or driving south on Interstate 5 to Tacoma and then taking SH16 north to Bremerton (1.5 hrs).

By Plane

From Seattle-Tacoma Intl Airport:

Car Rental from Airport:

Exit the Baggage Claim area and look for Ground Transportation to take the Shuttle to the offsite car rental facility (all car rental companies are at one facility).

Leave the car rental facility on SH 518 towards Interstate 5.  Drive northbound on I-5 to Seattle to take the WSDOT ferry across to Bremerton or follow I-5 south to Tacoma and then take SH 16 north to Bremerton.  From the airport, it is probably best to drive south and around the Puget Sound through Tacoma as opposed to coordinating the ferry schedule and Seattle downtown traffic.

Link Light Rail from Airport:

When leaving the baggage claim area, look for signs to guide you to the Link Light Rail.  It is a little bit of a (covered) walk past the parking garage to the Light Rail station (~4 mins).  You will want the train going north to downtown Seattle (and Colman Dock for the ferry), so look for the ‘Seattle & University of Washington’ side of the train platform after purchasing your tickets (cash or credit).  Fare is $3 one way and ORCA cards are accepted.

There are two options to exit the light rail in downtown Seattle to get to the Ferry.

  1. Exit the train at Pioneer Street Station (underground station) and walk 0.4 miles to Colman dock via Cherry St to 1st Ave to Marion St.  Follow Marion St across the Viaduct roadway to the Dock area to board either the Kitsap Fast ferry or the WSDOT ferry.
  2. Exit at University Street Station (underground station) and catch a bus (route 7) to take you back down 3rd Ave where you will exit the bus at 3rd and Marion.  Follow Marion St towards the waterfront, across the Viaduct roadway to the Dock area to board either the Kitsap Fast ferry or the WSDOT ferry. Additional fare for the bus.

Northwest GIS User Group

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