Esri Hands On Learning Labs

Esri is providing an assortment of self-paced, hands on web courses that you can take in the learning lab. The lab will be in Cascade F and is available Tuesday afternoon and all day Wednesday. Laptops will be provided. No sign up required. It's first come, first serve.

The following are potential courses to be offered. They are subject to change. 

1. Getting Started with GIS
2. Learning the Fundamentals of ArcMap
3. Getting Started with ArcGIS Pro
4. Storing Data in the Geodatabase
5. Constructing Points from Address Data
6. Importing CAD Data
7. Spatial Reference and Data Alignment
8. Editing GIS Data
9. Maintaining Land Records Using Parcel Fabric
10. Modeling Transportation Networks
11. Performing Image Classification
12. Finding the Best Location
13. Examining Patterns in Your Data
14. Analyzing Imagery Using Raster Functions
15. Displaying Data in 3D
16. Visualizing Transit Data Using 3D Scenes
17. Creating and Sharing a Map Layout
18. Getting Started with ArcGIS Online
19. Generating Custom Web Applications
20. Telling Your Story with Story Maps
21. Performing Analysis with Model Builder
22. Using Tasks in ArcGIS Pro
23. Automating Workflows Using Python
24. Using Business Analyst Web
25. Discovering Patterns Using Insights for ArcGIS
26. Monitoring Activity Using Operations Dashboard

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