special events

Speed Networking

Tue: 9:30am-10:00am (Cascade Ballroom)

The idea is fairly simple...meet as many new GIS peers as you can. We will get everyone paired in two concentric circles; an inner circle and an outer circle. Once everyone is paired up the clock will start.

You and your partner have 30 seconds each to share the following information:

  1.  Your name
  2.  Your employer
  3.  A GIS challenge you are dealing with
    • With what time you have find out if your partner has and knowledge on your issue or suggestions.

The person on the inner circle goes for the first 30 seconds, then the person on the outer circle goes for the next 30 seconds. After you have both introduced yourselves the person on the outer circle will take a step to the right. You now have a new partner and repeat the process. See...easy.


What if I already know the person? - Go through all the steps anyway. So they know your name and where you work already...they may not be aware of a challenge you are working on.

What kinds of challenges should I talk about? - Let people know if you are seeking employment? Let people know if you are a student and want some career advice. Discuss some new technology you are working with.


Vendor, Map 'n App Social

Tue: 5:30pm-8:00pm  (Cascade Ballroom) 

You survived the first day of the conference! Enjoy some appetizers and drinks courtesy of the assorted vendors participating joining us this year. Learn more about the GIS tools and services available to you, win prizes, and relax a little...you still have a day and half of the conference.


Wed: 5:30pm-8:00pm  (High Desert Museum) 

Join us at the High Desert Museum for an evening of dining and celebration. Bussing services will be available. More details are coming soon. 

Birds of a Feather

Thu: 8:30am-10:00am  (Cascade Ballroom)

Do you ever wish you could go to a conference and connect with the peers that have insight or experience with a GIS issue you are working on? We know that is partly why people come to GIS conferences. We also realize that you are often on your own to figure out who those people are and find time to touch base with them. This year we are going to try to help make this a little easier through a 'Birds of a Feather' session. You may have participated in sessions like these at other technical conferences.

The idea is to get you sitting at a table with 10-12 people and have a discussion about a GIS topic you want input on and/or have experience to contribute. This is not a presentation or lecture. This is an open, informal discussion where you can pick the brains of your colleagues, share experiences, and spark ideas for the GIS topic being discussed. The session topics are not predetermined...you tell us (the Northwest GIS User Group) what you want to talk about.

How is this going to work you ask.

  • When you register for the conference you will be asked about a GIS topic you would like to connect with peers about.
  • The planning team will collect and categorize these issues.
  • On Tuesday you will have an opportunity to vote on the submitted topics and help gauge the highest interest topics.
  • On Wednesday there will be sign up sheets for each proposed topic. People have until the end of lunchtime to put their name on table topics they are interest in attending. Please do not fill out a sheet unless you plan on being present on Thursday.
    • Those sessions with the most votes will be scheduled for Thursday.
    • The level of interest and variety of topics will determine how many topic tables get set up.
    • Each table will have about 30 minutes for discussion. Attendees will have the opportunity to cover about 3 topics.
    • We will be looking for people willing to facilitate the discussion.
  • Sessions will be posted Thursday morning. There is no specific preparation required. That said, you can bring material with you that can contribute to the conversation. Just don't let the the discussion become a lecture.


What are the duties of the facilitator? - Make sure people get a chance to speak. Help the conversation move forward if it gets stuck or goes off topic. You do not have to be an expert in the topic being discussed, just have an interest in the topic. You are not mean to be the designated discussion leader, but may need to help kick things off.

What if a topic I suggested doesn't get scheduled? - We can only support table topics that have enough people interested. Hopefully,  you can connect with a few peers one-on-one elsewhere at the conference. As a member you can always post your topic to the website forum.

What if there isn't a session I am interested in? - See if there is a session that you have expertise or experience in that could benefit one of your peers.

After Conference Recreational Activity (Walk/Run or Mountain Bike)

Thu: 12:00pm-TBA  

Anyone interested in getting outdoors after the conference are welcome to participate in a walk/run or mountain bike excursion. These activities are weather dependent. Central Oregon weather can be fickle this time of year. Maps and more details will be announced at the conference. If you have any questions about these activities contact Mel Soares at: msoares@bendoregon.gov

Walk/Run - Deschutes River Trail - This trail is just a few blocks from the Riverhouse. Bring appropriate clothing (we suggest layering) as needed for the cooler weather. Plan to meet at the Riverhouse hotel lobby at 12:50pm. Directions to the trailhead and trail maps are available at the front desk.

Mountain Biking - Phil's Trailhead - Riders will meet in the Riverhouse hotel lobby at 12:50pm to organize a caravan to the trailhead. The ride with be at a social pace, but more ambitious riders are welcome to break from the pack. The local trails are sensitive to erosion in moderate or heavy rain. This activity will be cancelled if it is too rainy.

The Trailforks App is a good navigation aid for those who are not familiar with the area.

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