Workshop: Quality Assurance (QA) for Value (or How to Think like an Analyst)

  • 4 Nov 2019
  • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Riverhouse Conference Center - Cascade C
  • 25


  • Workshop attendee

Note this registration is only for the Monday workshop not the full conference.

Instructor: Aaron Licker, Geospatial Consulting

Cost: $399

Description: In this one day workshop students will learn how to approach geo-spatial data to derive additional value for their organizations or clients.  The workshop will cover topics such as context building, developing an analytical mindset, organizational capacity building and effective communication of geospatial data and analysis.

Intended Audience - GIS professionals, analysts and project managers working for local governments or engineering or planning consultancies

Learning Objectives

  • Through a series of case studies, develop an appreciation of the immense value that GIS data and analysis can provide to a wide degree of audiences (how to look at data).
  • Develop techniques that can be employed on a day-to-day basis to communicate this value in plain English (how to talk about data).

Format and Requirements: Lecture plus hands on workshop.  Students will need to bring their own laptop with ArcMap 10.7 and/or ArcGIS Pro 2.x installed.

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