Panda Consulting Workshops

Instructor: Frank Conkling

(561) 691-3277

About the Instructor: Frank J. Conkling is the Owner of Panda Consulting, a GIS Professional Services

Course: Parcel Mapping Differences between ArcMap Parcel Fabric and ArcGIS Parcel

With the introduction of the ArcGIS Parcel Fabric, the techniques and procedures used to accurately maintain parcels have changed. This workshop shall review the differences between the two approaches, exploring each for limitations and advantages, and demonstrate best practices for efficiently and accurately maintaining parcels in the ArcGIS Parcel Fabric.Technicians, Managers

    Date: Wed, Oct 14 (1/2 Day)

    Cost: Free

    This course is intended for: Technicians, Managers

    Requirements: Familiarity with the ArcMap Parcel Fabric.

    Course: Introduction to ArcGIS Pro Editing

    This three hour workshop will review the current editing tools available with ArcGIS Pro and examine creating, modifying and aligning features created in ArcGIS Pro. Time permitting, we will also review feature templates and topology in ArcGIS Pro.

    Dates (Three Offerings

    • Wed, Oct 14 (1/2 Day)
    • Thu, Oct 15 (1/2 Day)
    • Fri, Oct 16 (1/2 Day)

    Cost: Free

    This course is intended for: Technicians

    Requirements: Laptop with latest version of ArcGIS Pro installed and authorized.

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