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Instructor: TBA

Course: Learning Getting Started with the ArcGIS API for Python

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ArcGIS API for Python is a Python library for working with maps and geospatial data, powered by web GIS. It provides simple and efficient tools for sophisticated vector and raster analysis, geocoding, map making, routing and directions, as well as for organizing and managing a GIS with users, groups and information items. In addition to working with your own data, the library enables access to ready to use maps and curated geographic data from Esri and other authoritative sources. It also integrates well with the scientific Python ecosystem and includes rich support for Pandas and Jupyter notebooks.

This session will cover how analysts and data scientists can use the ArcGIS platform in combination with data science libraries from Python for mapping, visualization and geospatial data analysis. In addition, we will cover how ArcGIS administrators can use this library to automate common functions within their web GIS.

Date:  Availability to be announced (3 Hours)

Cost: Free

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Course: Parcel Fabric (In Development)

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