NWGIS Ad-Hoc Grant Policy

NW GIS Ad Hoc Grant Requests – March 2017


From time to time, the NW GIS Association has received grant requests. The purpose of this paper is to provide guidance in the review of these grant requests.

NW GIS Finances

The NW GIS Association has a Board directed goal of maintaining a minimum amount in its checking account to cover ongoing and unexpected expenses. Whenever the bank account balance is at or near this level, then all grant requests will be suspended until the balance increases.

Grant Request Format

Initially, there will not be a formal proposal format.  However, it is expected that grant requests will be brief and provide, at a minimum, the following information:

  1. Grant requestor with agency, email, phone number, and mailing contact
  2. Purpose of the grant with a brief description
  3. Benefits of grant
    1. Include benefits to NW GIS Association membership if any
  4. Number of folks impacted by grant
  5. Duration of grant
  6. Amount of money needed and how the money will be used
  7. Proposed fund distribution
  8. Grant deliverables
  9. Note that all products derived from the grant, where feasible, will be publicly available
  10. Proposed reimbursement method, including process to verify grant has been completed
  11. Grant requests will be emailed to any current NW GIS Board member who will then present the grant proposal at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting
  12. Provide a disclaimer that the purpose of the grant is for the public good and all state and local laws will be followed

Approval Process

All grant requests will be reviewed at a regularly scheduled NW GIS Board meeting. It is possible that after the initial review, additional information will be requested of the grant submitter.  Grant submissions may take up to 60 days for review.

Reimbursement Process

In order to ensure that each approved grant request is completed as proposed, there will be a timeline and set of deliverable(s) associated with each grant. Once the timeline and deliverables have been met, then the grant recipient will be reimbursed. This is the preferred method, rather then provide grant funding prior to the completion of the process that is being requested.

Grant Request Revisions

This document and the grant requesting process is subject to revisions at the pleasure of the NW GIS Board of Directors.


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