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Introduction to ArcGIS Pro Python Tools and Processes Development

  • 22 Feb 2024
  • (PST)
  • 23 Feb 2024
  • (PST)
  • 2 sessions
  • 22 Feb 2024, 8:00 AM 12:00 PM (PST)
  • 23 Feb 2024, 8:00 AM 12:00 PM (PST)
  • Online


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This course is open to everyone, you do not have to be a NWGIS member. However, it's $10 a year to become a member, so join us!

ArcGIS Pro is a powerful GIS desktop application in which great things can be accomplished using the out-of-the-box user interface options. Users can accomplish significantly more, however, and make the most of their ArcGIS investment, by using Python to perform GIS operations and streamline workflows. For this reason, Python experience is almost always a key consideration in GIS-related hiring decisions.

This workshop focuses on extending the capabilities of ArcGIS Pro via standalone scripts and tools that can operate within ArcGIS Pro or externally. Three topics will be covered: (1) An overview of using Python with ArcGIS Pro; (2) Developing and running Python scripts; and (3) Creating and using geoprocessing tools. JetBrains PyCharm Community Edition, a rich, powerful, and free Integrated Development Environment (IDE), will be used for all coding activities.

Intended Audience
GIS professionals familiar with ArcGIS Pro and Python and wishing to develop GIS tools and processes.

Prerequisite Requirement
Anyone wishing to attend this workshop must also attend the associated workshop, Introduction to Python Programming. An exception to this requirement will be made if the instructor is satisfied that your level of Python experience is such that attending the introductory workshop is not necessary. If required, please contact the instructor to request a waiver.

Format and Technical Requirements
The workshop will consist of a balance between lecture material and demonstrations. Instructions for setting up the required software will be provided prior to the workshop.

A Zoom meeting link will be provided by the instructor.

All attendees must use a microphone and webcam (unless this is not possible due to medical reasons).

Presenter Details
David Howes is a geospatial information scientist and the sole owner at David Howes, LLC ( in Seattle, WA, specializing in the development of GIS tools, processes, and supporting infrastructure for a variety of clients from small operations to multinational corporations. With over 30 years of academic and private sector experience in both the United Kingdom and the United States in geography, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and fluvial geomorphology (including a Ph.D. in geomorphology from the State University of New York at Buffalo and an M.Sc. in GIS from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland), David has a diverse background that is well suited to developing innovative solutions to spatial problems. He is a regular supporter of and provider of GIS professional development activities and training, typically as part of his initiative.

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