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  • 8 Jun 2023 2:28 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    NWGIS is excited to announce a new job description survey and document library that we hope will greatly benefit GIS employers and job seekers alike. One of the most important components of the hiring process is the job description. A well-written job description can attract qualified candidates and help employers find the right fit for their organization.

    To help with this process, we are launching a survey soliciting job descriptions from various industries and positions. We are asking employers to share their job descriptions with us so that we can compile a comprehensive library of job descriptions that can be used as a reference for making hiring decisions.

    The library of job descriptions will be publicly available. Employers can use this library to get inspiration for crafting their own job descriptions, while job seekers can use it to better understand what skills and qualifications are required for various positions. We believe that this initiative will help bridge the gap between job seekers and employers, and ultimately lead to more successful hires and job placements.

    We encourage all employers to participate in the survey by submitting their job descriptions. The survey takes just a few minutes to complete. All submissions will be reviewed and added to the library if they meet our criteria.

    Thank you for your participation in this important initiative. Together, we can improve the hiring process and create more opportunities for job seekers.

    Submit a Job Description Document:

    View Responses:

    View Responses on a Map:

  • 12 Feb 2023 9:09 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Cascadia Users of Geospatial Open Source (CUGOS) was formed in 2007. CUGOS acts as the Cascadia Chapter of the OSGeo Foundation.  We are an active group of members who are passionate about open source software, GIS, and our region. We have members from all walks of life, a large spectrum of business and academia, and active OSGeo members (board members, charter members, and active project participants).

    It is a non-profit organization in Seattle focused on building a community around open source geospatial tools and practices see also CUGOS has been around for nearly 15 years, providing a space for folks to share their work and passion for maps.

    This year we’re holding the Spring Fling on April 21-22 2023, a two-day low cost event bringing together academics, professionals, students, and enthusiasts for a series of talks about Pedestrian/Bike/Transit Access, Open Source Geospatial tools, open data, and Social Justice in and beyond the Puget Sound region. The first day will be the main conference day with presentations about open source GIS projects (e.g. such projects might include but are not limited to: QGIS, PostGIS, MapServer, GDAL/OGR and OpenLayers, see also, the second day will be a volunteer OpenStreetMap (OSM) Hackathon in conjunction with the OpenSidewalks Project. More information to be added on the web page  soon.

    For Spring Fling we are are currently putting together the program. If you are interested in giving a presentation head over to our Call for proposals page. The final program will be announced on March 21st and registration (donate as you wish) will open. If in the meantime you are looking for inspiration on what to expect in our program you are welcome to check out the schedules of these previous CUGOS Fling events:

    We are also in the process of building these grants from donations from corporate sponsors

  • 6 Nov 2022 8:56 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    GeoSpatial Training Services has several live classes December 5-8, 2022 at Everett Community College. See details.

  • 6 Nov 2022 8:53 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    NWGIS is pleased to welcome Sam Jenkins and Tyson Taylor as our newest board members. 

  • 28 Sep 2022 2:01 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    There are currently openings on the NWGIS Board of Directors. The following folks have expressed interested in joining the board. As a member of NWGIS, you have the opportunity to vote on the candidate of your choice. Please view them below and vote using the button at the bottom of the page.

    Andrew Neuman (Oregon)

    I am a GIS Solutions Architect for the City of Portland, OR. I have been working as a GIS Professional in the Portland Area for 23 years. In my spare time I am working towards an MBA with a concentration in Business Analytics from Southern Oregon University.

    I've been blessed with working with some great mentors and GIS Professionals and I want to help give back to the Northwest GIS Community.

    Sam Jenkins (Washington)

    I am currently the GIS Administrator of the City of Pullman, Washington. Like many local government GIS administrators, I have the opportunity to work with various city departments and regional stakeholders – it’s a job that presents infinite opportunities to learn. I came to the City of Pullman from Washington State University where I worked with Facilities Services to implement their mapping platform, develop their utilities networks and fly drones for mapping and inspections. Before moving to the Palouse in 2016, I lived in Fargo, North Dakota, where I developed a GIS for the municipal power and water utility in Moorhead, Minnesota – winters are much kinder here. I came to the US in 2001, from Australia, where I was born and raised – winters were much kinder still, there.

    Early in my GIS career a mentor suggested that I connect with two local GIS users groups – the Pine to Prairie GIS User Group and the Mid-west Esri Utility User Group. At meetings of these groups I learnt a great deal, everything from keyboard shortcuts to strategies for developing successful enterprise GIS implementations. I was introduced to a community of GIS users and leaders that would support and inspire my growth as a GIS professional. I was encouraged to develop GIS leadership skills, to present what I had learnt to the community, and I went on to serve on the boards of each of these user groups. The time I spent at each of those organizations was pivotal to making me the GIS professional I am today. Here in the Pacific Northwest I am looking to connect to a community both to continue my career growth and provide the same opportunity to new GIS professionals that I had. I hope to learn and serve by volunteering on the board of the NWGIS User Group.

    Tyson Taylor (Idaho)

    I am a GIS Solutions Engineer working at the J.R. Simplot Company. I lead the company's enterprise GIS systems by implementing GIS solutions within the company's integrated portfolio, which includes phosphate mining, fertilizer manufacturing, farming, ranching, food processing, and other agriculture-related interests. A GIS Professional with decades of experience in using esri and Microsoft stacks. I have held numerous GIS roles: Analyst (Kootenai Electric Cooperative, ID and Kootenai County, ID), esri Authorized Instructor and Manager (Boise State University, ID) , Developer (City of Bellevue, WA and Single Point Solutions, ID (Co-founder). Education B.S. degree in GIS from the University of Idaho followed by a M.S. degree in Management of Information Systems from Boise State University. Passionate about Cartography, Geography, and GIS.

    I thrive in an environment where I am constantly learning new things, there is always something new and exciting going on with GIS especially in the NW. It would be an honor to serve on the NWGIS Board and I look forward in contributing to the NWGIS user group and its mission.

    Vote for Candidates

  • 10 Aug 2022 2:34 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    NWGIS is seeking local businesses in the Treasure Valley area of Idaho to contribute in-kind donations for a silent auction supporting GISCorps (a volunteer group of mapping professionals that assist with disaster response and humanitarian projects). 

    If you know a business owner in Idaho or the Treasure Valley area that would like to contribute link them to this document. 

  • 12 Jun 2022 7:07 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Congratulations to Ms. Megan Selis and her 85 humanities students from Clara Brownell Middle School for being the first Oregon School to ever participate in the ArcGIS Online School competition. NWGIS helped facilitate the competition for Oregon and provided mentorship on ArcGIS Online. Despite having a late start and having no prior experience with ArcGIS Online Ms. Selis quickly got up to speed with the technology and had her humanities students create StoryMaps of an Oregon issue of their choice.

    Our Oregon 2022 Finalists

  • 13 Mar 2022 9:41 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Our friends at URISA are having a birthday and will be showcasing the results of several initiatives at GIS-Pro this fall.

    Visit the URISA 60th Anniversary HUB site for  details on each initiatives listed below. 

    Memories and Images are due by September 10th - let's dig up the dirt and diamonds

    Help out by submitting memories, images, and historical docs to our memory book.

    We hope to get at least 60 trees planted by conference time - let's exceed this goal

    Help out by planting a tree, donating money to have trees planted, or purchase merchandise that goes toward planting trees. GIFT A TREE TO A FRIEND.

  • 26 Jan 2022 4:40 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    This fall, the Northwest GIS User Group (NWGIS) has teamed up with URISA and the Northern Rockies Chapter of URISA to host GIS-Pro in Boise. This national GIS conference is making its way back to the Pacific Northwest.

    Do you enjoy teaching or presenting?  NWGIS is soliciting pre-conference workshops for the 2022 GIS-Pro Conference. Topics can be related to any geospatial or related subject relevant to the modern GIS professional.


    • Boise, Idaho – Boise Centre on the Grove 
    • Pre-conference Workshops (Sun, Oct 2 – Mon, Oct 3)
    • Conference – (Tue, Oct 4 – Thu, Oct 6)


    • Workshops must be in-person and conducted at the Boise Centre conference center.
    • NWGIS promoted workshops must not conflict with, but can complement, the URISA Certified Workshops. The URISA workshops have not been solidified but could include any of the following listed here: Call for URISA Workshop Proposals | URISA
    • Coffee/tea service is provided for morning and afternoon breaks.  Lunch service is not provided.
    • Instructors can leverage their own equipment (i.e. laptop, projector). Any equipment that the conference team supplies will be deducted from the payment to the instructor.
    • All financial transactions are being handled by URISA conference leads.
    • Wi-Fi is available, and table/chair setups will be provided.

    If you are interested in conducting a workshop, send your information to: Linda Davis (

    The submission deadline is March 15, 2022.

    Submission Information Required

    • How long is your workshop?
      • ½ day (4 hours)
      • 1 day (8 hours)
      • 1 ½ or 2 day (12 – 16 hours)
    • How many students can you accommodate (30 people max)?
    • Do you have a minimum attendance?
    • Workshop Title
    • Brief Description
    • Please list a few learning objectives for the workshop or training.
    • Course pre-requisites – List any knowledge students are expected to have or any software/hardware students need to provide.
    • Instructor Name(s)
    • Format – Is this is a lecture-only workshop, hands-on, or both?
    • Hardware – Is there equipment the conference needs to supply (i.e., projector, instructor laptop, student laptops)?
    • Costs: What is the price per student you need?
    • Other logistics or concerns.

    The conference workshop committee will review submissions. You may be contacted by NWGIS to work out additional details.

  • 9 Oct 2021 7:32 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Christopher Yake (Idaho) 

    I am Chris Yake, Senior GIS Analyst with JUB Engineering/Gateway Mapping in Coeur d'Alene, ID. Prior to moving to Idaho, I spent 15 years leveraging GIS in land use and transportation planning in both the public and private sectors. I have worked at multiple scales including the regional level (Portland Metro MPO) down to the local level (Seattle Department of Transportation). In addition to planning, I specialize in water and sewer system analysis, desktop and interactive web mapping, and data driven visualization. My recent projects include projecting future residential growth and conducting land capacity analysis for the City of Pasco, WA, prioritizing sewer line improvements based on defect evaluation for the City of Brewster, WA, creating heat maps illustrating transit orientation for the Kootenai County Public Transportation Strategic Plan, and lead mapping and data visualization for the Nez Perce County (ID) Transportation Master Plan. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Masters in City & Regional Planning.

    I would like to serve the GIS community at-large and expand awareness of the power of geospatial tools and analysis to the broader public.

    I look forward to fulfilling this potential opportunity and appreciate your consideration to represent Northern Idaho within NWGIS.

    Tyson Taylor (Idaho) - LinkedIn

    GIS Professional with 30 years of experience in esri and Microsoft stacks. Held numerous GIS roles: Analyst, Instructor, Developer, Manager and Engineer. Education B.S. degree in GIS from the University of Idaho followed by a M.S. degree in Management of Information Systems from Boise State University. Extremely passionate about Geography, GIS and Cartography.

    Over the years I have kind of got out of touch with the NW Users Group. I want to get more involved with what is going on with GIS in the NW. It would be a pleasure serving as a board member.

    I'm very passionate about the field of GIS and very interesting in helping others look for innovative opportunities to leverage GIS into every day workflows. 100% of my experience is with the esri and Microsoft software stacks. Thank you & have a great Day.

    Steven Cotterill (Oregon)- LinkedInMaverick Construction Leadership

    Have been working in the field of GIS for approximately 13 years. I began working as an intern at the USGS while finishing my Geography degree at Sacramento State University in 2008 working primarily on historic imagery referencing. The majority of my career has been working with utilities and mobile GIS data collection for utilities working at Pacific Gas & Electric in California within their GIS Data & Analytics Department. My recent position as a Senior GIS Analyst brought me to Portland Oregon where I work for Maverick Construction which designs fiber telecommunications.

    I would like to part of the NWGIS board to continue to be invested in the GIS community to both learn and assist in keeping myself and my peers up to date with industry trends and knowledge base.

    I have been a certified GISP since 2015. I love utilizing python and GIS analysis and am excited to watch the development of GIS data science and exploring how the industry trends in that direction.

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